New Generation Autoclave’s

It has always been our ultimate aim to develop and make available the first touch screen steam steriliser in the United Kingdom.

Due to the advancement of technology we can offer this completely new concept. The interactive display offers a user friendly experience responding quickly to the simplest of touches. What was once a vision is now a reality.

This is available to purchase on a one off payment or over a 12 month interest free period.

We also provide a rental option; this is for a 36 month period and will include servicing, calibration, pressure vessel inspections and repairs.

Distilled water is only to be used in all our sterilisers.

The New Generation is available as a Class “B” fractionated vacuum model in 17 and 22 Litre loading capacities. Smaller sized models such as 8 and 12 Litre loading capacities will be available soon, please check our website for further details.

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