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£400.00 £275.00


Code: OS01
Width: 43cm
Height: 50cm
Depth: 20cm


We have designed a custom reverse osmosis/ demineralisation cartridge package for your steriliser.


The high quality water guarantees consistent, optimal performance and extends the life of your steriliser and instruments. It has always been our desire to develop and make available to our customers a treatment system that connects to the mains water. The unit produces instant and large quantities of ultra-pure water, free from minerals and contaminants. Due to the storage capacity, this system can fill a number of sterilisers simultaneously.


Advantages of the reverse osmosis/ demineralisation system:


  • Compliance with EN1717
  • Large water supply for one or more sterilisers
  • Automatic water filing minimizes user input and saves time
  • Direct drainage of used water


Self Installation